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Just a little background first to start. For a few years now, I published
stories via Nifty and still do from time to time.  I do appreciate Nifty and all
the variety of stories they do offer writers of all types and skill levels.  I do
write  as a hobby and enjoy it greatly as you might can tell by the many
stories on here, however they are not perfect by any means. 

Here you will find my popular story, "Rooming with my Best Friend".   There
are other works of mine including my latest story on here as well as a few
others that relate to "Rooming".   It has been fun and a really wild ride on a
story, "Rooming", I didn't think much of in the beginning.

A few  details:
1.  There will not be nude pictures at any time.  There are plenty of other web
sites that have those, including a lot of hot blogs and Tumblr as well.
2.  My stories will not include:  man/child sex, child/child sex or gore.   
3.  Each story is copyright by me and not permitted to be copied without my
4.  There will be vulgar language and graphic gay sexual details in the
stories on this site.  If this bothers or offends you, please click here to exit
this site.
5.  Please email  if you have any comments, suggestions and even pictures. 
I do my best to respond to each one.  I do welcome your story ideas as well
and will do my best to accomodate them in future writings if they are within
the boundaries of this site.   Emailing me is a way to know if you like this
site and/stories, signing the guestbook below or posting a comment where
provided.  You can even submit stories if you want to try your hand at this
like a few have done with "Rooming with My Best Friend".

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ROOMING: AFTER GRAD 14  3/26... A New Journey 32...4/13
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